Version 1 – 18 november 2015
The website of Laura González Ortega (hereinafter Laura Marrow) uses cookies in order to optimize the browsing by the users (hereinafter YOU).

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that is downloaded to your computer, smartphone, tablet or device you use to access certain web pages. Cookies allow the website to recognize your computer and store and retrieve information on your browsing habits, to improve the service.

Cookies are stored in the memory of your Web browser and each contains:

  • The name of the server from which it was sent.
  • Information about its useful life time,
  • A value, usually a unique randomly generated number.

The server of the website which sends the cookie uses this number to recognize your browser when you return to a website. Only the server that sent the cookie can read and therefore use it.

Types of cookies used by Laura Marrow

Laura Marrow uses different types of cookies (technical, analytical, statistical and social) in order to improve your navigation of the website, without any advertising or similar object.

Laura Marrow do not collect any personal data using the cookies. All cookies, except those used by the Google Analytics statistics system, are temporary and disappear at the end of the session.

On this website Laura Marrow uses the cookies detailed below:

  • Technical Cookies: necessary or appropriate for the provision of certain services. If these cookies are disabled, you cannot properly receive the contents of the website.
  • Analytical Cookies: used for monitoring and statistical analysis of your behaviour on the website. If these cookies are disabled, the website still works, although the information collected by these cookies about your use of our website and its content can improve our services.
  • Statistical Cookies: collect information on date of visit, the URL and the title of the webpage visited. Reports generated with this information are purely statistical, anonymously providing information on browsing behaviour.
  • External Social Network Cookies: used to be able to interact with the content of different social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Addthis etc.) and are only generated for users of such social networks. The conditions for use of these cookies and the information collected is governed by the privacy policy of the relevant social platform.

Our website may contain links to other websites. Laura Marrow has no access and exercises no control over cookies and other tracking technologies used on the websites of third parties that you access through our website

Cookie types by expiry

The Cookies used by Laura Marrow can have the following types of expiry:

  • Session: expiry once you leave the session. Normally stored in the cache memory of the computer.
  • Permanent: these are permanently installed in your browser and are activated each time you visit the site, provided you do not deactivate their use.

Configuration of cookies

You can allow, block, delete, or change your preferences for the cookies installed on your computer by configuring your browser options. Below we provide the links for the main browsers:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Safari para IOS (iPhone, iPad)
Windows Phone

You can check the Your Online Choices website ( where, in addition to finding useful information, you can configure, provider by provider, your preferences for third party advertising cookies.

Accepting cookies

On accessing this web site for the first time you will see a window where you are informed of the use of cookies and where you can see this “Cookies Policy”. If you continue browsing it is understood that you accept the use of cookies by this website and therefore installing them on your computer.

If you want you can change your cookies settings at any time from your browser. We inform you that in the event that the use of cookies is blocked or not accepted, certain services may not be available.

Besides the use of Laura Marrow cookies we allow third parties to set cookies and access them on your computer. The consent to use cookies for these companies is linked to browsing this site. Laura Marrow thanks you for accepting cookies, as this helps us get more accurate data from your browser that allows us to improve the content and layout of our website to suit your preferences.